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Project Description

Wine – Basics

Our Wine Basics course is an introductory course all about wine. Topics such as how wine is made, label characteristics, varieties and storage and handling should provide students with the knowledge they need to inform consumers all about the basics of wine.

Course Details

Duration: 20 min
Language: English
Partner: Retail Learning Institute

Course Outline

Course Introduction       
Lesson 1 – Wine – Basics
1-1 How Wine is Made   
1-2 How to Read a Wine Label    
1-3 Characteristics of Wine          
Lesson 2 – Wine Varieties            
2-1 Types of Wine           
2-2 Information on Regions          
Lesson 3 – Food and Wine Pairings          
3-1 Red Wine Pairings    
3-2 White Wine Pairings
3-3 Other Wine Pairing   
3-4 Wine Pairings Challenge         
Lesson 4 – Storage and Handling            
4-1 Temperature, Humidity, Position and Light
4-2 Conclusion

Project Details