Cart with brown shopping bagsBagging groceries is much more complex than simply placing products into a bag. There are multiple guidelines you can follow to protect items from damage, keep foods safe, ensure proper transport, and reduce environmental waste. This course will provide you with the information you need to efficiently bag a customer’s order.

Course Outline

Course Introduction Objectives
Lesson 1 – Bagging Operations
1-1 Bagging Basics
1-2 Bagging Sequence
1-3 Bagging from Start to Finish
1-4 Activity: Bagging Sequence
1-5 Activity: Protecting Products
Lesson 2 – Efficient Bagging Guidelines
2-1 Protecting the Flavor of Foods
2-2 Protecting the Bags
2-3 Distributing the Weight
2-4 Specialty Items
2-5 Recycling and Reusing
2-6 Conclusion

Course Details

Duration: 30 min
Language: English

Partner: Retail Learning Institute - Logo